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event content creator

Jenny Lane


An Event Content Creator attends your event and captures all of the candid moments specially formatted for your social media. Most people end up sharing their big life events on social media, anyway. So why not have someone do it for you in a way that is professional, fun and exciting? This makes a great compliment to your videographer and photographer, as they shoot mostly horizontal footage. Most social media footage is square or vertical. Having candid, fun footage that fits your formatting will EXPLODE your social media and create an experience that you and your followers/friends will never forget. (PLUS! It will be one less thing you need to worry about for your event.)



Your content creator works WITH your photographer and videographer to make sure the footage taken is complimentary and sharp. (aka: I stay out of their way but get the job done.) Photographers and Videographers develop their content over time and you get the edits later. Your Event Content Creator will create footage/content on the spot; immediately available for sharing. Some clients choose to have their social media "taken over" by the Event Content Creator. Other clients opt to have the footage sent to them at the conclusion of the event. 


As I build my portfolio, my prices are a steal! Prices for these events typically begin at $1,000. I'm asking for a fraction of that. Please email to inquire:

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