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A stroll down jenny lane...

Welcome to Jenny Lane!


I founded Jenny Lane Boutique in June of 2018! 


In July of 2017, I was introduced to this really cool lip color called LipSense that didn’t come off at all! I was completely blown away! I quickly learned that LipSense belongs to a huge line of anti-aging cosmetics and skincare from a company called SeneGence. At the time, I was a busy music teacher and was blown away by the fact that there was something so EASY on the market. SeneGence was FAST and SIMPLE to use and it quickly became a part of my everyday routine.


In August of 2017, I learned what an amazing income opportunity selling SeneGence would be. As a budding entrepreneur, SeneGence was spreading like wildfire! It was an investment no-brainer! With top shelf products as well as solid, hefty profit margins, I couldn’t resist and I’m so glad I didn't! Beauty isn’t going out of style any time soon! Any product that makes my skin healthier WHILE I wear it has an A+ in my book (and it will in your book, too, I hope!)


I worked my makeup and skin care biz part time in addition to teaching full time. It was so rewarding! 


In October of 2018, a teacher’s worst nightmare happened to me: I was excruciatingly assaulted by one of my students; my 5th assault in five years of teaching. That year, I was one of 35 teachers in my district to have been assaulted on the job that school year. It was only October. School wasn’t even in session for 2 full months. 


I quickly became well-acquainted with the female oppression heavily affecting both the educational system as well as the legal system. The injustices to me and other teachers enraged me. After 28 years working towards a very specific career, I felt crushed when my passion and career no longer flowed peacefully together. I contained so much anger and rage over the injustices. But I didn’t want to be plagued with anger. I wanted to use that anger to empower others. 


Here in America, women STILL make 81-91 cents to every dollar a white man makes and in that moment in my life, I had more men making decisions FOR me than I made for myself. Something needed to change. I needed my own voice. 


I resigned from teaching in January of 2019 to run my business full time! This is when I created the Jenny Lane Mission:


“To help empower women to feel beautiful and independent.”


I don’t want you to BE beautiful and independent. I want you to FEEL beautiful and independent.  


In June of 2019, I expanded my boutique to offer affordable fashion for every size! What better way to empower females than by offering budget-friendly ways to wrap themselves in expressions of beauty and independence?

So welcome to Jenny Lane Boutique! 

Make yourself at home! 


It is my deepest desire that Jenny Lane will become a judgement-free, safe haven where you can be unapologetically YOU. Because YOU are worth it. You are enough. And you are LOVED! 




Jenny Lane

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